The Science Student Union (LUNA) is a politically and religiously independent association of students at the Faculty of Science, Lund University. LUNA act as a Student Union at the Faculty in accordance with Chapter 4. 8-14 §§ Higher Education. LUNA has the objective to monitor and participate in the development of education and conditions for studies at the Faculty of Science.

LUNA pursues a more career coordinated education and hosts a career fair each year to further the bond between student and industry. On top of monitoring the quality of education, LUNA effects influence in external organisations to make the student life in Lund better (Studentlund) and at the national government in the organisation LUA (Lund Universitets Allians) and SFS (Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer). You can become an active member of LUNA in one of its many committees, Student councils, union parliament (Representativa kollegiet), or union board. Contact us at luna@luna.lu.se for more information. Activities, closer to the local student, include the Novischperiod, balls, student choir (Naturvetarkören), inspirational lectures and more.


Student councils

There are six student councils in the union, which are responsible for the coverage of good education in the ten different departments of the faculty of science. A student council is managed by its members and is led by a people elected by the active members of the council. Usually at least a president, a vice president and a master of coin. The student councils take care of the education issues locally by participating in different department committees (and equivalent units). The student councils cooperate with each other and the union through the union parliament and committees. Apart from the coverage of good education, the student councils may also plan and arrange social activities for their members.


There are currently eight active committees in the union. The committees are responsible for different areas of work, and are there to facilitate the work of the union. Some of the committees also enable cooperation between the different student councils regarding the coverage of good education. While most of the committees are focused on the coverage of good education, there are also a few committees working with the social aspect of the union. All of the committees are managed by student representatives elected by the parliament (RK).