Available Positions

These are all the currently available positions within LUNA. Descriptions for all positions can be found here.
Do you have a specific question about a position? Simply send an email to the contact listed below.

The numbers in the positions column are [ordinary representative],[alternate representative].

All candidatures for positions are to be sent to valb-ordf@luna.lu.se.

Union Central PositionsUnion CommitteesDepartment Student RepresentativesFaculty Student RepresentativesExternal Positions
Role Positions Contact
Auditor 1,3 ordf@luna.lu.se
Parliament Presidium 0,2 ordf@luna.lu.se
Corporate Relations Committee (CRC)
Member 2,0 naringsliv@luna.lu.se
Information Committee (Info)
Member 2,0 info-ordf@luna.lu.se
Party Committee (6m)
Member 2,0 6m-ordf@luna.lu.se
Sports Committee (Sport)
Member 4,0 sport-ordf@luna.lu.se

These positions are elected by the student councils. Please contact your student council for how to apply.

BÖÖL Role Positions Contact
Gender and Equality Committee 1,0 bool-ordf@luna.lu.se
Education Board 0,1 bool-ordf@luna.lu.se
Physics Library Board 1,1 glufs-ordf@luna.lu.se
Health, Environment and Safety Committee 0,1 glufs-ordf@luna.lu.se
Corporate Relations Committee 1,1 kerub-ordf@luna.lu.se
Education Board 1,0 kerub-ordf@luna.lu.se
Gender and Equality Committee 1,1 kerub-ordf@luna.lu.se
Health, Environment and Safety Committee 0,1 kerub-ordf@luna.lu.se
Department Board 0,1 mys-ordf@luna.lu.se
Corporate Relations Committee 0,1 sng-ordf@luna.lu.se
Health, Environment and Safety Committee 0,2 sng-ordf@luna.lu.se
Role Positions Contact
Academic Society (AF) Role Positions Contact
Lund University Student Unions (LUS)
Election Ting 0,2 ordf@luna.lu.se