Mentor Committee (FU)

The Mentor Committee (Fadderutskottet, FU) is the committee that organises and executes the welcoming of new students to the science union and the faculty, the Novisch period. More information about the current term can be found here.

The Mentor Committee works all year round. They plan the Novisch period, carry it out and evaluate it, then rinse and repeat. Before every period they hold interviews and elect mentors to help them. Then a series of meetings are held where the committee together with the mentors plan activities and educate everyone on how to be a good mentor.

The committee consists of a chairperson, two mentor generals (senior and junior), and committee members all elected by parliament. They are easily recognized by their tailcoats bearing the committees initials on the back and by their sunny disposition.

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Contact the chairperson Hanna Thosteman at or the mentor generals Johanna Jangefelt Frising (senior) and John Wimarsson (junior) at

FU logga hanna16

      Hanna Thosteman