1: Juggle fruits! (1p per fruit) 1p

2: Roll down a hill (1p per person) 1p (Can be done by all teams!)

3: Have a race up sankt hans backar (1p per person) 1p

4: Paint your nails in your student council colour (1p per person) 1p

5: Recycle cans/bottles (panta) (1p for every 4th can) 1p (Can be done by all teams!)

6: Wear your lab coat to a lecture (1p per person) 1p (Can be done by all teams!)

7: High Five with a pizza baker - (points for different pizza bakers) 2p (Can be done by all teams!)

8: Hug a counselor (kurator, nation or not) – (points after the number of counselors) 5p (Can be done by all teams!)

9: Bathe in a fountain - (points for different fountains) (Not Lundagård) 5p (Can be done by all teams!)

10: Work out at the outdoor gym in winter clothing 5p

11: Perform a spex on Spexarevägen 5p

12: Bribe mentors with a cake 5p

13: Make posters for a non-existing course 5p

14: Be BFFs with a professor 5p

15: Take pictures of a student dormitory (points after how gross it looks) 5p

16: If Finn exists, find Finn 5p

17: Create a massive lab coat 5p

18: Fence with the bulls 5p

19: Forage for Potatoes 5p

20: Question middle school students about what is ''cool'' in school playgrounds in Lund today 5p

21: Build a human pyramid 5p

22: Sing a song to one of the full timers from the song book 5p

23: Write ''Luna'' with new students, score after the size 5p

24: Bug with a BUG. (Can not be performed by BUG) 5p

25: Pherform ''Physical'' physically with a physicist. (Can not be performed by GLUFS) 5p

26: Feed a mathematician. (Can not be performed by LEMUR) 5p

27: Bury a geologist (as long as they get air). (Can not be performed by SNYS) 5p

28: Adopt a pet rock 5p

29: Go sledding down Sölvegatan (Fysicum to Kalmar Nation) 5p

30: Obtain a saber (sabel) and acquire a horse 5p

31: Find the mountain troll at Trollebergsvägen 5p

32: Roundabout Rave! 5p

33: The cake is a lie! 5p

34: Borrow a weird book at UB 5p

35: Find a spanish bear 5p

36: Help a lady across the street 5p

37: Go where pepper grows 5p

38: Stand statue in the city park 5p

39: Skip rope with a giraffe 5p

40: Make a suuuuuper looooong (jäääääääääättelång) spoon 5p

41: Play ''rock, paper, scissor'' in three languages at the same time 5p

42: Solve a math problem(high difficulty!!), in a sandbox 5p

43: Play a kids show anthem on glass bottles 5p

44: Make a somersault to get inside Wermlands nation 5p

45: Prove that the high ground is superior 5p

46: Order a Royal with cheese 5p

47: Become a shooting star 5p

48: Find an old member of the Mentor Committee (GoDs) 5p

49: Perform photoception (the more the better) 5p

50: Pet cute cats 5p

51: Preach about the ”Santa religion” at Stortorget 5p

52: Eat tuna at Tunavägen 5p

53: Create a beautiful painting at Målarevägen 5p

54: Hang up your own painting in a museum 5p

55: Bake LUNA buns 5p

56: Find the building that changes colour 5p

57: Find the Student Health Centre (you don't have to book an appointment and don't bring the mascot inside) 5p

58: Dance ringdance in Stortorget, Mårtenstorget and Clemenstorget! (Preferably simultaneously) 5p

59: Consume sugar outside the sugar mill 5p

60: Drink the red drink from Shell (or Circle K) 5p

61: Burn red houses, hit little children and say bad words (Note, do not break the law!) 5p

62: Explore the faculty, find all student council rooms! 5p

63: What is Jack Stauber really saying in Buttercup? 5p

64: Eat forbidden fruit in paradise 5p

65: Hold the door 5p

66: Spell out your team's name with new students 5p

67: Capture a Pokemon Gym with a Pokemon with your team's name 5p

68: Down raspberry soda in Halland hall. (Halsa hallonsoda i Hallands hall) 5p

69: Go super Saiyan!!! (extra points for high power levels) 5p

70: iGWqyYLerA+VcCk+7myGRkafucLrXdhcps9/YPg7uw1ycBJozbB9ndW9pvCTz623V84et6jDkAjfV9VGQTkj+Q== 5p

71: Stay the night at a nation dormitory - (score after the number of different nations) 5p (Can be done by all teams!)

72: Show Adrian your best impression of Poseidon in Göteborg 5p

73: Tell Nora a chemistry joke she has not heard before 5p

74: Take the most Polish picture with Klaudia 5p

75: Say “our team is going to win this fucking competition” in Dutch to Benji 5p

76: Do a tiktok dance in front of the University library 5p

77: "Sing karaoke with the safety person (the song has to have the word ""safe"" in it!)" 5p

78: Show Marwan your best excersise move and have him rate it 5p

79: Offer someone an egg in this trying time 5p

80: Find true love 5p

81: Spot a cryptid 5p

82: Badly describe your favourite movie 5p

83: Be an adventurer, and then take an arrow to the knee 5p

84: Chubby bunny with something other than marshmellows 5p

85: Assemble the avengers 5p

86: Interpret your horoscope literally for a day 5p

87: Convince a stranger that today is Friday (Can't be done on a Friday) 5p

88: Become a Disney princess 5p

89: Show off the best party trick 5p

90: Have an incredible dance-off 5p

91: Say the longest, most complicated tounge twister as fast as possible 5p

92: Find something forgotten 5p

93: Serenade a stranger 5p

94: Celebrate a national day from nationaltoday.com 5p

95: Draw the chemical structure of Maiotoxin on a blackboard 5p

96: Discover a new element 5p

97: Take a selfie with the other teams mascot (no stealing!) 5p

98: Trade up 5p

99: Draw fanart of your mentors 5p

100: Show us how you would react when something is ”orimligt” 5p

101: Do something mediocre 5p

102: Build something in the LUNA minecraft server (ask Love about being whitelisted) 5p

103: Make me go ugh/eww/wow 5p

104: Do a conga line in the stadspark 5p

105: Eat the domkyrka 5p

106: Kiss a kub kung 5p

107: Eat the best lunda falafel 5p

108: Stand on two hands and sing your student council chant 5p

109: Put some lipstick on a statue / pimp a statue 5p

110: Find your student council room and make a cup of tea 5p

111: Take a selfie with the LUNA president 5p

112: Take a selfie with the LUNA vice president 5p

113: Take a selfie with the LUNA HCR 5p

114: Make up a sport and get outsiders to participate and compete. (At least 3 people must attend) 10p

115: Raise your team's flag in a flagpole - (points for various flagpoles) 10p (Can be done by all teams!)

116: Bring your mascot to the lecture, it needs one! 10p

117: Eat brunch at the lecture 10p

118: Travel back to the future 10p

119: Explore the Underworld (Say hi to Hades) 10p

120: Explore Heaven (Say hi to Zeus) 10p

121: Find one from Gotland. (Has to be proven. Can't be part of your team!) 10p

122: Organise a flash mob 10p

123: Re-Construct the game show ''Hur gör djur?'' 10p

124: Take a selfie with your flag + mascot in front of a student nation! (Score after the number of nations) 10p

125: Reform the legendary bird army 10p

126: Film a 30 second promotional video for a course together with a lecturer 10p


128: Snorkel in the fountain. (Score after the number of fountains) (Not Lundagård) 10p (Can be done by all teams!)

129: Play a game with other student councils 10p

130: Build something related your theme in LEGO 10p

131: Create matter and give it to Lukas 10p

132: Submit a fan mail to a lesser known artist. (Must answer in order to get points.) 10p

133: Synchronized berry picking as sport 10p

134: Find the most inventive way to use a potato 10p

135: Create and perform the ”Novischdance” 10p

136: Make a round pizza box with a square pizza in it 10p

137: Where is the country where you bend the bananas? 10p

138: Find a valid train from Lund to the eternal leader's country 10p

139: Wear formal wear during a lecture 10p

140: Bring back dabbing 10p

141: Arrange a jousting tournament on Tornavägen 10p

142: Create a Voi-squad (at least 4 people) 10p

143: Fight fire with fire 10p

144: Develop all four elements 10p

145: Find something in Lake-lake and sell it 10p

146: Sell lemonade to a duck (do not harm ducks!) 10p

147: Make a sacrifice to Anders And 10p

148: Oh no! The boat is sinking and the rations are getting soaked! What should you do? 10p

149: Perform a psychological experiment (on a psychology student) 10p

150: Find a philosopher and bombard them with all sorts of paradoxes until they intend to engage in violence on you personally 10p

151: Hold a lecture at EC 10p

152: Wear all 6 different kinds of lab coats at once 10p

153: Does Uppsala exist? 10p

154: Hang a (large) student council-poster on the outside of the castle 10p

155: Perform ''Härjarevisan'' to an audience not from Lund 10p

156: Play chess with death at SOL 10p

157: Have sing-together in a supermarket! (Get at least 5 non-members to sing) 10p

158: Take the trolley through the Drive Through at McDonalds 10p

159: Find someone called Knut and tie him to Knut ''den stores torg'' 10p

160: Create a petition to banish a harmless substance (minimum 30 signatures) 10p

161: Rename ''Systembolaget'' to ''Spritbolaget'' 10p

162: Yodel in a store 10p

163: Play a known scene from a drama to the public 10p

164: Equip the world with hipster glasses 10p

165: Make a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster 10p

166: Fight the pollen!  10p

167: Rant for 5 minutes about something completely meaningless 10p

168: Make a trailer film for your student council(s). (At least 2 minutes) 10p

169: Have song duel with another team at Sjön Sjön (both teams will get points) 10p

170: Stay the night outside the lecture hall (OBS! Not inside a university building) 10p

171: Build any university building from lollipops 10p

172: Assassinate the LUNA president/ vice president during office hours 10p

173: Re-create a historical process with your lecturer 10p

174: Be a youtube celebrity (minimum 302 views) must be from the novisch period 10p

175: Run a Marathon-race 10p

176: Recreate a Disney movie in 30 seconds 10p

177: Take the subway between the Maths building and the Maths Annex (There is an actual tunnel going between the two buildings that you have to find) 10p

178: Perform mini sitting by Sjön Sjön (amount studentity* rewarded) * (student identity - a way of measuring how much of a student you are) 10p

179: With one foot in Småland (Please note, not the nation, not the beer...) 10p

180: Accelerate by the accelerator 10p

181: Perform Lunas Anthem 10p

182: Successfully host a Geologist Agility Contest (Rock Agility) 10p

183: Find a way to bring the witches back from Blåkulla 10p

184: Stand quarter past at the ”quarter-past-meridian” 10p

185: Discover the secrets of Area 51 10p

186: Give FU mustard 10p

187: Become an influencer 10p

188: Scientifically prove a conspiracy theory 10p

189: Hold a powerpoint presentation about your very unusual thesis 10p

190: Get your team to the top ten most liked pictures with #studyingscienceinlund on instagram 10p

191: Eat a banana at bananparken, a pear at päronvägens lekplats, an apple at äpplehagen and a nectarine at nektarinlekplatsen 10p

192: Find all infinity stones 10p

193: Write a love letter to LUNA 10p

194: Have an elevator picnic! 10p

195: Drive the alligators out of Skåne 10p

196: Find a GoD and give them cheese 10p

197: "Recreate the ""running through doors"" scenes from Scooby-Doo" 10p

198: "Dance ""små grodorna"" around strangers" 10p

199: "Go to the ""spritbolag"" with a fake beard" 10p

200: Make a wanted poster of someone in FU 10p

201: Make propaganda posters for your student council 10p

202: Wear an ice cream like a hat 10p

203: Battle your mentors in bear pong 10p

204: Make a song about LUNA or FU and sing it at the Central station 10p

205: Celebrate someone's birthday at a sitting or event 10p

206: Make the dark night rise 10p

207: Take a picture in a fountain like friends 10p

208: Sing stad i ljus at a club 10p

209: Take a picture with the all the fulltimers in the same picture 10p

210: Create sculptures of the generals (life-size) 15p

211: Travel abroad with the Skåne flag (bonus points if it is not Denmark) 15p

212: Create and host a DnD adventure with LUNA as a main part of it 15p

213: Become a meme 15p

214: Flip a coin forever 15p

215: Break the 4th wall 15p

216: Walk along the tram track from Lund C to ESS (each stop is required) (not ON the track, stay safe) 15p

217: Give a board to every member of the LUNA board (points only if you find them all) 15p

218: Make a (alcohol free) drink worthy of FU 15p

219: Perform miracles 15p

220: Publish a scientific article during the novisch period 15p

221: Freshen up Lake-lake 15p

222: Ask a scientific question to a relevant faculty employee, that you can solve, but they can not 15p

223: Beat Loves Super Mario Odyssey speedrun 15p

224: Paint a Lund related painting and give it to PM Minoo 15p

225: Craft PM Lina a medal to put on her tailcoat 15p

226: Create a tradition 15p

227: Find a doppelganger to each person in FU 15p

228: Get witnessed 15p

229: Book a reservation at McDonalds 15p

230: Design a new patch! (CC the email to naringsliv@luna.lu.se ) 15p

231: Find food which is older than the food FU have in their tailcoats 15p

232: Give Fede cheese... - 15p

233: Give Ellen a pet 15p