Utopia Marshall Application

On this page you apply to be a marshall at Utopia, the annual Science Student Union ball.

What does being a marshall entail?

Being a marshall means that you, together with the ball committee, work to make Utopia the best possible experience for the guests, and hopefully you will have a whole lot of fun in the process. Specifically, the marshalls are expected to help with the ball preparations, starting at 10:00 on the day of the ball (March 2nd). During the ball, you are expected to not get too drunk, and help with keeping the rest of the guests in check by angrily staring at them if they attempt to stand on the chairs, sing spontaneously or misbehave in other ways. If angry stares are not enough, you may have to take further actions (such as verbal actions). You will also help serving the sexa food. After the ball, you are expected to help with the cleaning.

You are expected to take these duties seriously, including the not-getting-to-drunk-part. Drinking the included beer and wine is fine, but please refrain from going beyond that.

Whats in it for you?

First are foremost, us in the ball committee hope you will have a lot of fun preparing the ball and taking that extra bit of authority during the ball. Even the cleaning can be fun with the right attitude. Second, you get to go to the ball for free. Third, you get to go to a free thank you-sittning after the ball together with the ball committee and ball workers.

If you have any further qustions regarding being a marshall, do not hesitate to ask the ballmasters Sebastian Pfaff or Alexandra Roslung. Hit us up on facebook or send an email to utopia@luna.lu.se