The Science Student Union (LUNA) not only want to make your studies at the Faculty of Science at Lund University the best possible. We also work for making your studies valuable for you in the future by creating interfaces between you and your future career. The unions work with career is led by our Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) with our Head of Corporate Relations leading the committee.

ATLAS – A World of Possibilities

Every year the Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) arranges a series of activities through the initiative of ATLAS consisting of three different parts Alumni, Career and Lectures.

ATLAS Alumni

The ATLAS Alumni initiative lets students at the Faculty of Science meet previous students to gain an insight into where studies at the Faculty of Science can take you. The initiative also arranges exclusive events for the alumni.

Are you an alumni at the Faculty of Science? Sign up to the ATLAS Alumni Network here.

ATLAS Career

The ATLAS Career initiative aims to create direct interfaces between the students at the Faculty of Science and their future career. At various seminars and workshops, students at the Faculty of Science are invited to meet their future employers and other organisations to obtain valuable contacts for their working life.

ATLAS Lectures

The ATLAS Lectures initiative gives students at the Faculty of Science the knowledge they require about their working life; both in general and as a science major. The initiative aims to help you orient yourself and give you the tools necessary to achieve in your future career.