Announcing the winner of the Pedagogical Prize

The Science Student Union can gladly announce the winner of this year’s winner of the pedagogical prize – Per Carlsson! The motivation reads: “For his dedication to creating diverse opportunities of learning through mixing excursions, lectures and seminars in creative ways, spreading his love of biology to all his students, and for continuously improving his […]

Announcing the winner of the Honorary Prize

The Science Student Union can gladly announce the winner of this year’s winner of the honorary prize – Carina Jarl! The motivation reads: “For her part in guaranteeing a great future for many students through her unwavering dedication to the ATLAS project and career fair, and for her hard work and prioritisation of students during […]

Office Hours During Summer

Hello Everyone! On Friday (31/5) the office hours will be closed. The last office hours of the semester will be held on Monday (3/6) and Wednesday (5/6). After that, you will all be free to spend your time at the beach eating ice cream. Have a great summer!

RK 4a, 4b and 5 election results for operational year 24/25

Presidium (2+0) – Tyra Behre Union Board (5+0) – Amanda Vikström, Hadiqa Inam, Jacques Atkinson,Ștefan Crețu and Simon Pechan Nomination Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Nora Häglund Nomination Committee Member (5+0) – Anton Andersson-Strand and Pontus Rabe Auditor (2+2) – Einar Elén and Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt as ordinary, and JesperNielsen and Honia Rasul as alternates Financial […]

🚫Office Hours is closed today, 10/5-24🚫

Today’s Office Hours is unfortunately closed. This is because the full-timers have taken a vacation day to get a long weekend.We hope that this hasn’t caused any inconveniences. If you need to contact us, you can do so by emailing We otherwise wish you a good weekend! //The full-timers of LUNA ❤️

Nominations for parliament meeting 4a and 4b

The nomination committee hereby announces their nominations for parliament meeting 4a & 4b. Please note that all nominees are listed in alphabetical order. In the end of the list, you find recieved counter candidatures, as well as a list with all positions which the nomination committee suggests to leave vacant. It is possible to counter […]

Tickets for Tandem 2024!!

The sign-up for tickets to Tandem 2024 is open and selling fast! Less than 15 tickets remain, so secure your place now using the link below before Monday 25/03 17:00! Price: 1400kr. Included costume, lunch, breakfast, a patch and a jolly good time!  Signup here! [] IMPORTANT: LUNA’s participation in Tandem 2024 is dependent on interest! If we […]

Announcement of the union election 2024

The nomination committee hereby announces the union elections 2024! During the elections, LUNA positions for the operational year of 2024/25 is up for grab. This includes positions in LUNA’s presidium, board and committees, administrative LUNA positions and positions as student representatives at the faculty and in the student life. More information about the positions can […]

Winter Break Survey 2024

The academic year does not currently have a gap during the winter holiday period (~23rd of December to the second week of January). This means that you are expected to use the time to prepare for exams, write reports, or for other course studies. Teachers are also allowed to schedule deadlines during the holiday period. […]

Election results from Parliament meeting 1

Here are the election results from the last parliament! Tandem General (3+0): Lara Homes, Jacques Atkinson, Nils Björkbäck By-election LUS nomination committee (1+0): Lara Homes