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The nomination committee hereby announces their nominations for parliament meeting 4a & 4b. Please note that all nominees are listed in alphabetical order. In the end of the list, you find recieved counter candidatures, as well as a list with all positions which the nomination committee suggests to leave vacant.

It is possible to counter candidate for a position until the 7th of April through emailing In the counter candidature you present yourself and motivates why you want a position. It is possible to counter candidate for all positions, not only those that are suggested to be vacant.

The union elections take place the 11th and 15th of April and there will be a hearing of the presidium candidates on the 8th of April. The nomination committee is loking forward to meet you all there!

On the 11th the following elections will take place: Backend administrator, Active member registry administrator, Archive administrator, Internal network administrator, Quartermaster, Webmaster, Ballmaster, Nomination committee chairperson, Nomination committee members, Education committee chairperson, Corporate relations committee members, Gender & Equality committee spokespersons, Information committee chairperson, Information committee members, Health, environment and safety committee chairperson, Party committee chairperson, Party committee members, Sport committee chairperson, Sports committee members, Faculty Academic Appointments Board Representative, LINXS board representative, Faculty Nominating Committee Representative, Faculty Readership Appintments Committee Representative, LUS Ting Representative, LUS Elective Ting Representative, LUS Nomination Committee Representative, Academic Society (AF) Parliament, Academic Society (AF) Scholarship Board.

On the 15th the following elections will take place: Presidium, Head of Corporate relations, Union board, Faculty board, Faculty education board, Environmental committee chairperson, Environmental committee members, Operational auditors, Financial auditor

List of nominations:

Union presidium (2+0) – Tyra Behre

Union board (5+0) – Amanda Vikström, Hadiqa Inam, Jacques Atkinson & Stefan Cretu

Operational auditor (2+2) – Jesper Nielsen (alternate)

Backend Administrator (1+0) – Enver Lee

Active member registry administrator (1+0) – Enver Lee

Quartermaster (1+0) – Verena Hehl

Education Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Marwan Mohamed

Corporate Relations Committee Member (7+0) – Ebba Tersmeden, Edvin Åhman, Hadiqa Inam, Martina Braun, Orsolya Bosáková, Paulina Szofer & Solveig Englund

Gender & Equality Committee Spokesperson (2+0) – Adrienne Möllersten & Max Larsson

Information Committee Member (5+0) – Merit Aerts

Health, Environment and Safety Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Ellen Nilsson

Party Committee Member (6+0) – Elias Fredriksson, Hugo Ageby, Nea Johnsson & Vera Stampe

Sports Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Elias Fredriksson

Sports Committee Member (5+0) – Noah Karlsson & Torsten McIntosh

Environmental Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Nana Usami

Environmental Committee Member (4+0) – Kendall Cole & Saga Rosberg

Faculty Board Representative (2+2) – Gloria Kowal Johnson (ordinary) & Pontus Rabe (alternate)

Faculty Education Board Representative (3+3) – Lamia Said, Pontus Rabe & Tyr Häggström (ordinary), Gloria Kowal Johnson & Liam Kniberg (alternate)

Faculty Academic Appointments Board Representative (1+1) – Honia Rasul

LINXS Board Representative (1+0) – Hadiqa Inam

List of counter candidatures

Nomination Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Nora Häglund

Nomination Committee Member (5+0) – Anton Andersson-Strand, Nora Häglund, Pontus Rabe

Faculty Education Board Representative (3+3) – Gloria Kowal Johnson (ordinary)

Financial auditor (1+1) – Viktor Hrannar Jónsson

Operational auditor (2+2) – Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt (ordinary)

Gender & Equality Committee Spokesperson (2+0) – Alexandra Popa

Faculty Board Representative (2+2) – Pontus Rabe (ordinary)

Party Committee member (6+0) – Nellie Åberg

Faculty Nominating Committee Representative (1+0) – Emilia Hult

Faculty Academic Appointments Board Representative (1+1) – Emilia Hult (alternate)

Faculty Readership Appintments Committee Representative (1+1) – Emilia Hult (ordinary)

List of positions suggested to be left vacant

Union presidium (1+0)

Head of Corporate Relations (1+0)

Board member (1+0)

Operational auditor (2+1)

Financial auditor (1+1)

Archive Administrator (1+0)

Internal network administrator (1+0)

Webmaster (1+0)

Ballmaster (2+0)

Information Committee Chairperson (1+0)

Information Committee Member (4+0)

Party Committee Chairperson (1+0)

Party Committee Member (2+0)

Sports Committee Member (3+0)

Faculty Board Representative (1+1)

Faculty Education Board Representative (0+1)

Faculty Nominating Committee Representative (1+0)

Faculty Academic Appointments Board Representative (0+1)

Faculty Readership Appintments Committee Representative (1+1)

LUS Ting Representative (1+1)

LUS Elective Ting Representative (2+2)

LUS Nomination Committee Representative (1+1)

Academic Society (AF) Parliament (1+1)

Academic Society (AF) Scholarship Board (1+0)

The sign-up for tickets to Tandem 2024 is open and selling fast! Less than 15 tickets remain, so secure your place now using the link below before Monday 25/03 17:00!

Price: 1400kr. Included costume, lunch, breakfast, a patch and a jolly good time! 

Signup here! []

IMPORTANT: LUNA’s participation in Tandem 2024 is dependent on interest! If we do not sell all tickets by 25/03, our participation risks being canceled. Bus prices have doubled since last year and other expenses have risen due to inflation. Whilst this is unfortunate by itself, this year may be make or break for any future LUNA participation to Tandem. If you want to experience a decades old Lunda tradition, this may be your last chance! We will inform you next week if LUNA participates at Tandem (based on the amount of people interested), if you secured a spot and about payment information.

Do I really need to bike or can I just join for the vibes? You don’t need to bike, you can also cheer for our team – in fact you will even be able to specify the level of difficulty you wish to bike in the post-signup form!
I am not member of LUNA but still want to bike – Is that possible?
Yes! Everyone is welcome to join!

In case of any questions, please contact: 

The nomination committee hereby announces the union elections 2024!

During the elections, LUNA positions for the operational year of 2024/25 is up for grab. This includes positions in LUNA’s presidium, board and committees, administrative LUNA positions and positions as student representatives at the faculty and in the student life. More information about the positions can be found here.

It is possible to candidate for positions and nominate your friends until the 19th of March. This is done here. On that page, it is also possible to find more information about the union elections. If you read the information and still have questions about the application process, please email

LUNA is looking forward to having you in our team during next year!

The academic year does not currently have a gap during the winter holiday period (~23rd of December to the second week of January). This means that you are expected to use the time to prepare for exams, write reports, or for other course studies. Teachers are also allowed to schedule deadlines during the holiday period.

In order to help all students, and the Science Student Union (LUNA) itself, we need to make sure that students are given enough time to rest and recover. LUNA has during the past years looked into the possibility of having a winter break.

In order for LUNA to do this work in a way that represents the will of the Union members, we need to collect your opinions on this matter. We have therefore formulated a survey in order for you to voice your opinion!

The survey will be available until 12/2 and can be found by following this link:

Here are the election results from the last parliament!

Tandem General (3+0): Lara Homes, Jacques Atkinson, Nils Björkbäck

By-election LUS nomination committee (1+0): Lara Homes

The nomination committee hereby announces their nominations for parliament meeting 1.

It is possible to counter candidate for a position by emailing In the counter candidature you present yourself and motivate why you want a position. It is possible to counter candidate for all positions.

The elections take place the 22nd of January!

List of nominations:

Tandem General (3+0) – Lara Homes

Office Hours will be closed during the Holiday season, from the 20th of December and will open up again the 8th of January.

If you have any questions or concerns during this period, feel free to contact us via email at or, but we can unfortunately not promise quick reponses.

The LUNA fulltimers wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year! We look forward to seeing you again next year! 🥳

The nomination committee hereby announces three positions as Tandem generals 2024.

The Tandem relay is back once again! Students from all over Lund will travel by bus to Gothenburg, and race back again on Tandem bikes (in teams of course)!

LUNA is now looking for three Tandem generals who want to lead LUNA’s Tandem team and plan our participation. Is it you? Apply at by the 8th of January!

Do you have questions? Contact the nomination committee at

By-election: LUS Nominating Committee (1+1) – Pontus Rabe (alternate)

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