ATLAS Career

“Being able to expand my network during my studies, sure gave me a boost in my career.”

Establishing an expansive network is crucial for your working life. Meeting and connecting with a wide variety of representatives from academia and industry allows many doors to remain open throughout your future career. Furthermore, it allows you to learn more about your opportunities within a specific company and put your competence into perspective.

The ATLAS Career initiative organizes events where students of the Faculty of Science and company representatives can meet. Events are tailor-made together with the company representatives to suit both the company and the students of the Faculty of Science. Events range from seminars and workshops to relaxed meet-ups and active events. Keep an eye on the Facebook page of Lunds naturvetarkår – LUNA and the CRC Instagram @naringsliv.luna for information about upcoming events.

Lunch Lectures

Lunch lectures most often last 45 minutes up to an hour and is set during typical lunch time. The invited company holds a lecture on how the company operates and what opportunities there are for you as a student. They are a natural way of networking and maybe get to know your future employer. Get inspired for your future career, enjoy a lunch and take a well deserved study break at the same time.


The Faculty of Science has a wide variety of students studying biology, molecular biology, physics, theoretical physics, astronomy, medical radiation physics, chemistry, mathematics, environmental science, geology and physical geography. The CRC invites a range of companies of interest for all fields covered and ensures both the company and the students connect with the areas relevant to them.
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