Below you will find descriptions of all positions within the union. More descriptions will come briefly.

You can find a list of all available positions here.

Union Central PositionsUnion CommitteesDepartment Student RepresentativesFaculty Student RepresentativesExternal Positions

Presidium (2)

The presidium consists of the President (1) and the Vice-President (1). They are both sabbatical officers meaning they are paid full time for the duration of an academic year. The presidium organises the work of educational monitoring by summoning to meetings with the board, student councils, committees, and the parliament. Furthermore, the presidium is also responsible for study-related student issues so that vulnerable students receive the help they need.

In the administrative roles that comprises the presidium the most prominent tasks are organising the union’s work such that the students’ voice towards the university becomes united and strong to prevent the students being ignored in changes or that changes are made for the better. The work is done through continuous meetings with the board, student councils, committees, and the parliament. An important role is to aid vulnerable students who face problems or disputes in their education or with fellow students. In collaboration with the studentombud the presidium will help the person overcome their problems and, if necessary, serve as an outside representative in communication between the involved parties.

The presidium will also handle the union’s economy and be representatives in external organs such as Lunds Universitets Studentkår (LUS) and Studentlund. They are also responsible for helping the union’s committees such as the party committee and the mentor committe, in planning and executing different events. For these tasks persons with good computer skills, are out-going and social, stress-durable, have a basic knowledge of economy, and are orderly are required.

The President is employed full-time for one year and is the union’s face externally and the primary representative towards the faculty, media, LUS, and Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer (SFS). The president is also ultimately responsible for the union.

The Vice-President task is also to replace the president when they is not available.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for these positions.

Head of Corporate Relations (1)

As Head of Corporate Relations you are payed full time by the union one semester and you have a responsibility to prepare your sucessor for their scal year. Your primary tasks are to work towards the faculty to incorporate a larger connection the the labour market in the education. Your other tasks are to organise and execute di erent labour market related events for the unions members, involving but not limited to lectures, cases with companies outside the university and the plan and execute LUNAs career fair ATLAS. You are also leader of the career-committee.

As Head of Corporate Relations you should have good computer skills, you should be able to handle stress, be sociable, a good speaker and orderly.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Union Board (5)

The board is, together with the president and vice president, the executive part of the union, providing opinions to the presidium and supporting them during stressful times. Working closley with the presidium, the board acts as the voice of the parliament during decisions at board meetings.

Nomination Committee

Chairperson (1)

As the chairperson of the Nomination committee you are responsible for coordinating the election process for positions in the union and summon the nomination committee (see below) to meetings.

Member (5)

The nomination committee’s task is to nominate candidates for all posts within the union. This is done by interviewing candidates for the various positions and then nominate those that the committee considers appropriate for the positions.

Auditor (3)

The auditor positions contain Activity Auditor (2) and Economic Auditor (1). As auditor you audit the unions annual report and economic closure report of the previous fiscal year and make sure the union has completed their tasks during the year. The responsibility of the auditor is concentrated in a short period when the annual report and economic closure report are handed in, usually during September or October. To apply for activity auditor you must have previously held a post in the presidium or board of the union, or been a member of the representative parliament.

Webmaster (1)

As webmaster you are responsible for the unions website and web-hotel being updated and working. You are also responsible for administrating editor and admin roles in the websites development system for active members in the union.

Quartermaster (1)

The Quartermaster is responsible for keeping book on the unions consumables and organising the union archives. A driver’s licence is required for this post.

Ballmaster (2)

The ballmasters are responsible for arranging LUNA’s annual ball UTOPIA. They carry out their work in close collaboration with the presidium of the union and are the heads of all matters pertaining to the ball. Their duties include, but are not limited to, selecting the ball committee, arranging and leading ball committee meetings, arranging menu, hiring entertainment, planning decoration, being toastmasters during the ball,marketing the ball to the members, and arranging any eventual ticket releases.

The ballmasters are expected to work very closely with one another and share equal power in decisive matters. After the ball they perform an evaluation along with the presidium to continuously improve the ball for coming years.

Education Committee (UU)

Chairperson (1)

The chairperson of the education committee is responsible for coordinating the issue politics of the union by meeting with representatives from all department basic (bachelors and masters) education boards and discussing the problems with the faculty in their basic education board.


Corporate Relations Committee (CRC)

Head of Corporate Relations
Member (3)

Gender and Equality Committee (JoL)

Spokesperson (2)

The spokespersons coordinate the work of the unions gender and equality committee by discussing situations and problems with student representatives from every department. They are also representatives in the faculty equivalent.


Health, Environment and Safety Committee (HMS)

Chief Safety Officer, HSSO (1)

The chief safety officer coordinates the work of all the representatives in the departments Health, Enviroment and Safety committees. The main duties of being the chief safety officer if to attend on safety rounds with inspectors and making sure students have a healthy and safe study enviroment.


Information Committee (Info)

Chief of Information (1)

The chief of informations is responsible for content, desinging and distributing of the union’s newsletter ”Zenit” and making it available on the webpage. Furthermore, the chief of information is responsible for designing and distrubuting event posters for the union.

The flow of information on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is also a responsibility together with the presidium.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Member (3)

Mentor Committee (FU)

Chairperson (1)

As chairperson of the mentor committee you are ultimately responsible for the planning and execution of the novish period. You are also to ensure that the union’s alcohol policy and crisis management plan are followed during novish activities. You should also summon the committee to meetings and ensure proper minutes are recorded.

Mentor General Senior (1)
Mentor General Junior (1)
Member (4)

The mentor committee is responsible for planning and executing the novish period at the beginning of the semester together with the presidium. Note that this requires a substantial time investment at the end of the summer. As member of the mentor committee, you are to take part of the alcohol serving education (A-cert and B-cert) provided by the student organisations.

Party Committee (6m)

Chairperson (1)

The party committee chairperson is responsible for leading he party committees work and plan and execute social events for members of the union. These involve but are not limited to, sittnings, parties and other social events. You also help the presidium and head of information to spread information about the events the members of the union.

Member (6)

The party committee members helps the chairperson to plan and execute social events the for the members of the union. As a member of the party committee you are expected to work at different social events held by the union, for example parties.

Sports Committee (Sport)

Chairperson (1)

In addition to the regular duties of the sports committee, you are to summon the committee to meet at regular intervals.

Member (5)

As member of the sports committee, you are to arrange sports and e-sports events for the members of LUNA.

Faculty Board (2)

The faculty board is the highest deciding part of the faculty where the most important matters are decided.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Education Board (7)

The faculty undergraduate education committee is where the final decisions concerning all basic (bachelors and masters) education is made.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Lectureship Board (1)

The lectursship committee appoints teachers applying for a lectureship at the faculty of science.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Teacher Suggestion Board (1+1)

The teacher suggestion board is payed by the faculty. As a student representative in the teaching suggestion committee (LFN) you audit and interview leturers, professors and others who apply for teaching and research positions at the faculty of science together with representatives from the faculty and departments. You then together with LFN give recommendations to the faculty who should be appointed to the position. LFN usually convenes once a month in full-day meetings.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Board of Equality and Equal Treatment (2+2)

The committee for equality and equal treatment works with ensuring that all students are treated equally indepenant of gender, background or religious affiliation. Traditionally these posts are taken by the spokespersons of the union equality and equal treatment committee.

Library Board (1)

In the Library Board, the Faculty of science keeps their strategic discussions about libraries and their function. The library staff is a large work force and the committee helps to coordinate the work. Student representatives are there to ensure that the libraries and study places are good suited for the students.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Career Council (1)

Nomination Committee (1)

Scholarship Committee (1)

LINXS Board (1)

MAX-lab Board (1)

The MAX-lab board decides on the future and operations of MAX-lab and MAX IV. As a member of the council you observe and in uence the direction of MAX-lab.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

The Academic Society (AF)

Parliament (1+1)

In the Academic Society parliament, you sit as a representative from the lund science student union to speak on its behalf in this the highest of authorities within the Academic Society. It gives you great insight into what is going on in the academic world and the Academic Societys different branches, including AFB and Spexes.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Scholarship Board (1+1)

You work as a group assessing applications to the Academic Societys scholarships and decide how they are distributed. This is a position where you as member represent the opinion of the Lund science student union.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Lund University Student Unions (LUS)

Ting (1+1)

In LUS Ting final decisions concerning all LUS operations are made.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Election Ting (2+2)

The LUS election ting is the constellation that elects LUS posts for the next academic year.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

Nomination Committee (1)

In the LUS nomination committee people are interviewed in order to determine if they should be nominated in the LUS election ting.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.