Lilla salen at AF Borgen

13 Mars 2021

Utopia is the annual Science Student Union (LUNA) ball. It is arranged by two annually elected ball masters and their trusty committee! If you would like to be a part of the Ball committee, please email us at utopia@luna.lu.se

The UTOPIA ball of 2021 will be held on the 13th of March at AF-Borgen. A three-course dinner will be served, and we are working to make it as corona safe as possible. Hopefully the dinner can be followed by a traditional waltz and a fantastic after-party and sexa. We promise you a night you won’t forget with an amazing atmosphere and great entertainment.

Apply to be a Marshal at UTOPIA 2021! https://forms.gle/g6WgQkKmkprBNzYa6

To be announced!

Formal/”högtidsdräkt” (M.A.O.) for the dinner – Tailcoat, ballgown, religious wear, national costume or military formal wear.
Dark suit/cocktail for the afterparty but preferably formal as well.

More information to come!

Follow us on Instagram at @utopia.luna for behind the scenes updates.

If you ave any questions, contact us at utopia@luna.lu.se.