Dinner and after-party: 900 kr

Dinner and after-party (non student): 1000 kr

Songbook: 80 kr

Medal: 125 kr

LUNA pin: 65 kr

Sexa: 70 kr

Alcohol-free alternative: 800 kr

Alcohol-free alternative(non student): 900 kr

Lilla Salen – AF borgen

20th of April 2024

Releases the 7th of February at 18:00

Formal/”högtidsdräkt” (M.A.O.) for the dinner – Tailcoat, ballgown, religious wear, national costume or military formal wear.
Dark suit/cocktail for the afterparty but preferably formal as well.

UTOPIA is the annual Science Student Union (LUNA) ball where members of the union come together for a magical night of celebration.

The UTOPIA ball of 2024 will be held the 20th of April in AF borgen, with a marvelous three-course dinner and enchanting entertainment.

Utopia is arranged by two annually elected ball masters and their trusty committee! If you would like to be a part of the Ball committee, ask a question, or be a sponsor of the event, please email us at

If you ave any questions, contact us at