The presidium is a union body responsible for the daily operation of the union. They work full-time at the union office as sabbatical officers whose most prominent tasks are to aid students,  handle union’s internal affairs, represent student opinion at the Science Faculty, Lund University and external organs such as Lunds Universitets Studentkår (LUS) and Studentlund.

Here you can read more about our current presidium members: 

Sanela Lulić


Hey there!

I’m Sanela, President of LUNA. One of my main tasks is to ensure that the quality of the education at the Faculty is the best that it can be. This means that I, on a daily basis, spend time monitoring the education, have different meetings with the faculty where I am the voice of our members, and help students with issues that may occur. An additional part of my work is representing LUNA externally to the Lund University Student Union Association (LUS) and the university. Finally, I coordinate the Board and prepare matters for the Parliament. 

One thing that I am looking forward to during the operational year is creating a sustainable working environment for all our active members. It is important that our students feel like they have the opportunity to become active members, and that is something they can manage to do whilst studying. In order for LUNA to thrive, we need our students to take an active role in different ways, from student representation to expressing their views and concerns. Therefore, I am also committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere where students feel safe to voice their opinions, whatever they may be.

Our office is in Geocentrum II, so please feel free to drop by if you need anything or want to say hi!

Tyra Behre

Vice President


My name is Tyra, and I am thrilled to be the Vice President of LUNA this operational year. I work full-time for the Union, handling internal matters such as finances, participating in Board work, and addressing student issues. I also do external work that entails collaborations with other student unions or student organisations in Studentlund, the Academic Association (AF), Lund University Student Union Association (LUS), and the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS).

This year, I look forward to helping students, and I am excited about the honour of voicing our students’ opinions in LUS and on a national level. Additionally, I am passionate about creating suitable working environments for students. In the coming year, I aim to foster a safe and inclusive Union, ensuring all science students understand how LUNA supports them.

Feel free to visit our office for questions, discussions, and fika!