The Presidium

The presidium is a union body responsible for the daily operation of the union. They work full-time at the union office as sabbatical officers whose most prominent tasks are to aid students,  handle union’s internal affairs, represent student opinion at the Science Faculty, Lund University and external organs such as Lunds Universitets Studentkår (LUS) and Studentlund.

Here you can read more about our current presidium members: 

Gloria Kowal Johnson


About me:

Hi! I’m Gloria, and I’m the current President of the Science Student Union (also known as LUNA). As a part of the presidium I work to make sure that all students at the Faculty of Science have best education as possible. My job is mainly education monitoring, helping students with issues they have, and working with student representation at the faculty and university at large. The Vice President Honia and I also do all the everyday things that need doing in the union to help the student councils, committees and parliament do their work. 

I believe that it’s important that all student know that they can have an active roll in forming their education. All student should be able to know what’s happening at the university, faculty and institutions, as well as in the union and the student councils. That is what motivates me the most; knowing that students can make a difference and that our voices are being heard. This means that all information needs to be accessible and available for all.

So if you have questions or opinions (or want coffee 🙂 ) please feel free to email or come into the office and I will gladly discuss them with you.

Honia Rasul

Vice President

About me:

Hi! My name is Honia and I’m the current vice president of LUNA. As part of my full time position, I work with internal matters such as the union’s finances, organising networks, participating in the board’s work and dealing with student issues. I also get to work externally with other unions and student organisations in Studentlund, The Academic Society (AF), LUS and SFS. 

In my year I look forward to working with all of our active members, and I hope to get many more students wanting to become active in the union’s work. During, and hopefully soon after the pandemic, the union is needed more than ever to monitor education, work to improve the physical and mental health of the students and provide a welcoming community for its members, and I hope we can make all science students in Lund aware of what LUNA can do for them, and how they in turn can get involved in LUNA. 

I sincerely hope to meet many of you in person at meetings with lots of fika, interesting lectures, sittnings and balls and all the other events and activities organised by our amazing committees and student councils. I also hope to welcome you at our office much more frequently than during the previous year, and that we’ll work together to make your time at Lund university the best it can be!