The Science Student Unions (LUNA) active members consists of 98,257% volunteers. Where the presidium and the head of corporate relations are the only remunerated positions. Thanks to our active members the union can carry out their mission in making the time in Lund the best possible for all students at the Faculty of Science, both in an education, career and a recreational aspect.

Being active is both developing, fun and rewarding. As an active member you are invited to exclusive events organised by the union.

A list of all currently vacant positions and how to apply can be found here along with the descriptions of all positions here.

Student Representative Positions

The main objective of the union is to represent student opinion in different bodies at the Faculty of Science to help in improving various aspects of your education at Lund University. The Science Student Union has three committees working with student representation; the Education Committee (UU), the Health, Environment and Safety Committee (HMS) and the Gender and Equality Committee (JoL). These committees consist of members elected by the parliament to represent student opinion at faculty level, members elected by the student councils to represent student opinion at the different departments under the Faculty of Science as well as a committee chairperson organising and leading the committee work.

On top of these positions the union also represent student opinion in a range of other faculty bodies. You can read about all the union positions here.

Union Organisational Positions

For the work of our student representatives to run smoothly and also offer our members activities outside their studies we have a range of other committees doing more organisational and social activities such as the Information Committee (Info), the Sports Committee (Sport) and the Party Committee (6m). The union organisational positions also include, but are not limited to, positions such as the Quartermaster who maintains the union archives and the UTOPIA ballmasters who organise the unions annual ball.