Student councils

The student councils are the arms of the science student union. The six student councils are responsible for the monitoring the education at the ten departments under the faculty of science. This is achieved by electing student representatives to participate in different department committees at the departments they are responsible for. The student representatives at the student councils are organised through the committees at union central level.

A student council is managed by the students studying at the different departments. They are often led by an internally elected board consisting of (at least) a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a treasurer all of whom have regular contact with the union presidium.

On top of educational monitoring, the student councils are also free to organise social activities for its members and elect other organisational positions for the student council to run smoothly.

The six student councils are listed below with their respective logos. For more specific information about the activities of a student council, press their name below.
If you are unsure of what student council you belong to, contact the union at