The Board

The board is the highest executive body in the science student union. It is comprised of the presidium, the head of corporate relations and five board members whom are all elected by the parliament.

The main duty of the board is to ensure that the parliaments decisions are carried out through the organisation. The board also acts as a helping hand for the presidium and assists them in their daily work and lays down short and long term strategies on how the union should work and evolve.

If you have any questions for the board or you want to attend a board meeting, you can always contact the union president at

Listed below you will find the current board members as well as minutes from previous board meetings.

Board Members

Gloria Kowal Johnson



Honia Rasul

Vice President


Selma Lindgren

Head of corporate relations


Stina Magndal

Employer Liable


Alva Tangfelt

Environmental science

Caisa Kjellström

Medical radiation physics

Vendela Gustafsson



Board Meeting Minutes

Click here to read the minutes!