Below is description and contact information for support external to the union. You can always contact the union first to get guidance in where to turn.

The Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is a student service of Lund University Student Unions (LUS). This means that the help you get is on your conditions and with the procurement of your interests. The Student Ombudsman is mandated to assist unions and students at the University when they run into problems and issues related to their time of studies. No matter how small or how serious the problem is you can get help and this is of course free of charge.

Website: Email:     Phone: +46 70 456 66 13     Address: AF-Borgen, Sandgatan 2

The Student Health Center

The Student Health Centre offers counselling to Lund University students. Our staff work primarily with psychological problems that affect your ability to study, such as stress, worry, anxiety, depression, transitional issues and/or academic difficulties. This is in addition to other public and private health clinics where you can go for general medical issues, sexual health and contraception.

Website:     Phone: +46 46 222 43 77     Address: Paradisgatan 5B, Lund

The Student Chaplains

You are welcome to contact the Student chaplains regardless of your own faith and beliefs. If you need someone to talk to or help – we are there for you! All visits are free of charge and confidential. We are an English speaking team and the cathedral offers worships in English every week.

Website:     Email: Phone: +46 73 636 93 95

Primary Care

Care centres will help you on the day you fall ill, are injured or need advise about your health. Your care centre employs care staff with a broad range of competencies who can help you with the most common diseases, chronic diseases, many of the diseases that affect children and older people, mental health problems and various injuries. Care centres form the foundation on which both primary care and Skåne’s general health care rest. Primary care will, if needed, refer you to hospital care.

Website:     Phone (Healthcare Consulting): 1177

The Academic Support Centre

The academic support centre is a free service open to all students studying courses and programmes conducted in English at Lund University. We provide individual and group consultations (including feedback on texts), workshops and seminars on different topics.

Website: Email:

Pedagogical Support

If you have a disability, for example dyslexia, a visual impairment, or ADHD, and would like to study at Lund University, you can receive support during your studies.

Website: Email:

Young Adults Lund

Anyone between the age of 16 and 29 can contact Young adults. They can give support and help to anyone who is starting to or is feeling down, even if you don’t know why. They also give lectures and workshops.

Website:–hjalp/familj-barn-och-ungdom/unga-vuxna/     Adress: Magle Stora Kyrkogata 5


With us, you as a student can take loans up to SEK 20,000 with good conditions and low interest rates. You have the money on the account one or two banking days after your loan is granted. Kreditkassan is a student-driven foundation, owned by LUS, without any profit interest that has passed student loans to students since 1922. We never ask what you should have the money for or why you need to borrow.

Website: (Swedish)    

Email: Phone: +46 704-56 11 87 Address: AF-Borgen, Sandgatan 2

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