The Special Initiative Fund was established along with the Office Inventory Fund to replace the previously existing Project Fund. The funds are regulated in the Policy for Economy and Agreements.

The purpose of the Special Initiative Fund is to enable the various union bodies, members and free associations
to make special initiatives that are otherwise not counted for in the budget. Such initiatives could for example
be events, awareness campaigns, investments to student council rooms etc. The initiative should bring benefits to the union and its members, enough to justify the expense.

Requests for funding from the Special Initiative Fund can be made by any union body, elected member or free
association and should be sent to the Presidium. Requests below 500 SEK can be approved by the Presidium.
Approved requests by the Presidium are to be reported to the Board. Requests equal to, or above 500 SEK
should be approved by the Union Board.

To apply, please fill in this form and send it to the union presidium via email to Make sure to download the form to be able to edit it.