Education Monitoring

The main focus of the Science Student Union is education monitoring. To be a student union means that we must continually gather and evaluate student opinion regarding the education at the Faculty of Science and represent these opinions in the various faculty bodies. Additionally, we have to represent the student opinion in all decision-making bodies at the faculty as well.

The education monitoring at the faculty is made possible by our student councils and coordinated by our Education Committee (UU) where student representatives at both faculty and department level gather to communicate common goals and strategies. This means that the Faculty of Science or departments under the faculty can not make any changes to your education without counseling the Science Student Union. The education monitoring also includes working to uphold the students’ rights, as stated by the official Student List of Rights (found here in english and swedish).


On top of educational monitoring the Science Student Union is involved in many more aspects of the Faculty of Science and your education. Similar to the education monitoring there are networks for Gender and Equality questions and Health, Environment and Safety questions. Here the student councils also elect student representatives at the departmental level which are coordinated by our Gender and Equality Committee (JoL) and our Health, Environment and Safety Committee (HMS) where student representatives at both faculty and department level gather to communicate common goals and strategies for their respective questions.

The Science Student Union also has influence in a vast array of other instances at the Faculty of Science. You can read all about student influence and getting involved here.

Student Representatives

In order to maintain and conduct such great educational monitoring and student influence the union committees and student councils have help from student representatives. Every year the Science Student Union fills over 100 student representative positions with driven students who want to improve the education and condition at the Faculty of Science.

The student representatives are aided through the committee work and the Union opinion documents where we summarise the union opinions on undergraduate studies and student life in general. With the help of this we work together to improve the quality of the education at the Faculty of Science.

Course Representatives

Course representatives are student representatives elected for each course at the Faculty of Science. According to the list of rights §3.12 every course should be granted the possibility to elect a course representative during scheduled time. It is up to each course for how this person should be elected.

A course representative acts as a representative for the class towards the teacher. If a student in the course should feel uncomfortable speaking directly to the teacher or the department regarding the course it is the task of the course representative to act as a meddler. The course representative should also assist the course responsible in compiling the course evaluation at the end of the course and report back to the student union either directly or through their student council.

The course representatives are a crucial part to the overall educational monitoring of the union. If your course is not allowed to elect a course representative. Please contact us at