The science student union is regulated by a number of regulatory documents to guide and steer the operation. If you have any questions regarding the regulatory documents, you can always contact the union president at


The statutes regulate the basic foundation of the science student union. They stipulate the union’s structure and how the deciding organs function. Changes in the statutes must be decided upon by two different collections of parliament.

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The regulations act as a compliment to the statutes. They stipulate the obligations of the union bodies and the parts within them. Changes in the regulations must be deciced upon by parliament with a 3/4 majority.

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Value Principle

The value principle clearly state what the union collectively agree upon are the foundational values of our work. Value principles are decided upon by parliament.

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Opinion Documents

The opinion documents describe the union wide opinions. These documents are used as basis for student representative work to anchor opinions in the union when conveying these opinions to different university instances. Opinion documents are decided upon by parliament.


The union policies control certain aspects of the union operations. Some of the policies are old and are under revision by the current board. Policies are decided upon by parliament.


Union guidelines give directives for how things should be done. Guidelines are decided upon by the parliament.


Union directives gives directives for how the work of committees and student councils should be carried out. Directives are decided upon by parliament.

Operational Plan

The operational plan is written by the presidium of the previous year and constitute the goals for the board the current operational year. At the start of each operational year it is up to the board to concretize the operational plan given by the previous presidium. If you are interested in the concretized version, send an email to


The budget for each operational year is written by the previous presidium and then decided upon by parliament. The budget sets a frame for how union funds are to be used each operational year.

Operational Report

The operational reports are written by each presidium after their term has ended. The operational report gives the opportunity to reflect back at what the union has accomplished over the year and how this was accomplished.


The union positions all have written testaments available for active members holding union positions. You can access the testament guidelines and example directly here. If you wish to use the template, email It is available in Word and Overleaf.

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Post Descriptions

The post description document contains a description of all elected positions within the union.

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