During this meeting, the board discussed an agreement with TLTH and LDK regarding student representatives in shared department boards.

The board also approved an application for the project fund and briefly discussed how LUNA will participate in the Spring Welcome Expo (Hälsningsgillet). There was also discussion on how the union should position itself regarding saved government funds at the university (sv: myndighetskapital).

The LUNA parliament had its first meeting of 2020 on January 29th. During the meeting, there was discussion on how to best channel environmental work within LUNA. No decisions were made, but there will likely be a decision on this during the next parliament.

There was discussion on the future office situation for LUNA, and parliament agreed on some mutual stances that will be brought forward to the Faculty.

The union parliament also elected a member of CRC, a representative in the LUS nomination committee, and a representative for SFSFUM.

During this meeting, the board approved MUR’s new Instagram and Facebook pages.
The board also discussed the budget for Utopia next year, since it will be a jubilee ball. The budget for the jubilee and Utopia will probably be separate, but this will be discussed at Parliament.
LUNA has been contacted by a merchandise company, but there was a consensus that we should not switch supplier for merchandise yet.