Novisch – New in Lund

Are you starting as a new student at the Faculty of Science at Lunds University this autumn? Will you be a student at a Bachelors- or Masters program or take a single course? Then you have come to the right place. Lund has a fantastic student life to offer and as a new student the possibilities are endless! The Science Student Union (LUNA) is therefore here to help you with sorting everything out.

You are always welcome to the union if you have any questions regarding you education, if you face any problems or if you just want a chat and a cup of coffee. You can reach us via email to or come by our office at Sölvegatan 12, the entrance towards Gerdahallen. You can also visit our Facebook page here. This is were we will post information about future happenings for science students.

All science students do also belong to a student council, which represent and organize events for students at the different educations. More information about them can be found at their Facebook pages and you can also reach them via email. If you want to get in contact in students at your own education, it is always good to turn to your student council. You find information about which student council you belong to bellow:

BUG – biologists and molecular biologists, email: Facebook

GLuFS – physicists, theorethical physicists, radiation physicits, astronomists, email: Facebook

KERUB – Chemists and chemists/molecular biologists, email: Facebook

MUR – mathematicians, email:, MUR Facebook

MYS – environmental scientists, environmental and health protectionists, email: Facebook

SNG – physical geographers and geologists, email: Facebook

In the attached pamphlet below (coming soon), you can find information regarding Lund, the Faculty of Science and the Science Student Union. We are of course very sad that we can’t welcome all new science student this year with a big novisch period. The current pandemic makes it impossible for us to host activities for hundreds of students, since we are a small union with limited manpower. I hope you all understand this. The most important during these times is that we all stay safe!

Once again, you are very welcome to conact to us and ask questions, or just say hi. The union is here to help you with any questions!

Student Address Notification

Students who move to study at University should be registered at their residence. The basic rule is to be registered at the address where you sleep most nights.

With an e-ID, you can use Skatteverkets online service to make your address notification quick and easy. Read more and do your address notification on Skatterverkets website.