Novisch – New in Lund

Starting a Bachelors- or Masters program at the Faculty of Science at Lund University this autumn? Then you have come to the right place!

Lund probably have the best student life in the world. As a new student the possibilities are endless!
The Mentor Committee (FU) at Lunds naturvetarkår (LUNA) is therefore organising a novisch period for all new students at the Faculty of Science to help you orient in your new environment and to bring all new students studying science together.

The novisch period for the autumn of 2018 begins August 29th with an introductory meeting and has a variety of activities planned up until September 15th. The chairperson of the Mentor Committee will gladly answer all of your questions at To find the list of experiments and standings click here.

In the attached pamphlet below, you can find information regarding Lund, the Faculty of Science, Lunds naturvetarkår (LUNA) and the novisch period to come!
Last update: Autumn 2018


Student Address Notification

Students who move to study at University should be registered at their residence. The basic rule is to be registered at the address where you sleep most nights.

With an e-ID, you can use Skatteverkets online service to make your address notification quick and easy. Read more and do your address notification on Skatterverkets website.