The Novisch Peace is the most important rule of the novisch period. This rule is implemented in every novisch period, at both nations and unions, here in Lund.

The rule states that “No mentor nor FU member is allowed to have any type of sexual or romantic relationships with a novisch at any time during the novisch period”.

This rule exists to keep novisches safe and treated fairly.

If you experience or are made aware of a breach of this rule, immediately contact the LUNA presidium or the contact person of FU. 

Contact person of FU: Federica Calafiore

Messenger: Federica Calafiore

Phone: 079-335 76 49

Presidium: Pontus Rabe (chairperson) and Anton Andersson-Strand (vice chairperson)

Office Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11.00-14.00.

Office Phone: 046 – 222 03 18

Union Email: