We are happy to announce that the first JoL-Afton of the semester will take place on Wednesday, the first of November.

You might ask yourself, “What on earth is a JoL-Afton?”.

The JoL-Aftons are discussion evenings arranged by LUNA’s Gender and Equality Committee (JoL) where we dive into a topic related to gender, equality and science. The Union provides a topic, and fika for the attendees and the participants provide the interesting discussions. You can find the facebook event for the evening here.

The format of the evenings is usually based on an initial presentation of some form and subsequent discussions but it is up to the participants if they wish to try something else.

The theme for the evening will be the question: Can gender analysis improve science? As basis for our discussion will be a talk by Londa Schiebinger on gendered innovations.

Londa Schiebinger is a professor of history of science at Stanford University and last semester she became an honorary doctorate of the Faculty of Science in Lund. She has been the director of the joint effort of the european commission, the US and Stanford: Gendered innovations.

The JoL-Afton will take place in the Lundmark lecture hall in the Astronomy Building. The event is open for all.

We look forward to seeing you there!