LUNA office closed on Friday

The LUNA office hours will be closed Friday the 27th. As always, you can reach us via email: Or via for student complaints.

Changes to the union corona restrictions

As the Swedish government is pulling back on restrictions the 9th we can not justify keeping our restrictions until the 18th. From the 9th the office will be back to it’s usual opening hours (mon, wed, fri, 11:00-14:00) and meetings will no longer be recommended to be held distanced.

New year, new covid outbreak

Due to the increased spread of covid the LUNA office will remain closed and the fulltimers will be working from home. All student council and committee meetings are recommended to be held digitally if possible. If you need to come into contact with the fulltimers the best way is to send an email or call […]

Less Happy Holidays

Due to the new Covid restrictions the LUNA office will not be open today, nor will it reopen the 10th of January as previously stated but remain closed until the restrictions are lifted. If you need to contact LUNA e-mail is recommended.

Happy Holidays

The LUNA office will be open today and the 22nd of December and will then be closed until the 10th of January when we will return to our usual office hours schedule. If you need any help you can still reach us on our emails, but it might take a bit longer than usual for […]

Pop-Up Shop is Open!

The Pop-Up Shop is open again! ✨ Order your merch before the 30th of November! ⏳ Go to our merchandise page!

Rock your amazing LUNA lab-coat responsibly!

An incredible amount of students bought their lab-coats so far this semester and we are amazed as well as humbled by it! We feel like it is important to for us to remind everyone that there is a user manual for rocking your amazing lab-coat. Learn this user manual by heart to make your experience […]