On the 17th of January, the board held its 10th meeting on Zoom. The board first reviewed the report of the novisch period 2021 made by the Mentor Committee. The novisch period was very successful and appreciated by novisches and mentors alike, but as always there are some lessons to make future novisch periods even better. The board noted that the LUNA fair could be improved to get more people involved in the union at the start of the year, and that the board has an important role to play in this.

The next matter was revisiting the union’s measures to handle the covid situation. The board concluded that not much had changed since the last decision was made, and that the decision to extend or change the internal rules will be made per-capsulam on a later date. There was also a discussion on what the union’s stance towards hybrid examinations should be, and the board was mostly positive towards the concept.

Then, the board discussed the SFS 100 year jubilee ball, and whether the union could fund the travel costs of the board and SFS delegation members going there in March. It was decided that the matter should be left to Parliament since several board members hold a personal bias in the matter. After this discussion and a break, the board created a working group to manage the Honorary and Pedagogical Prizes of the union, to which the nomination period will soon open.

Finally, the board decided that Tindra and Tanvir will join Ida in the working group for writing the next operational plan, and that its work should start soon. The board then briefly discussed the upcoming RK meeting documents, the anchoring working group’s future and how to take care of the Gender and Equality Committee, whose spokesperson has stepped down from their position.

The next board meeting will take place on the 31st of January at 17:15.

Written by Vice President