Yesterday, the board convened for its 14th meeting. The first matter regarded the work with the future masters programs in computational science and applied computational science. The board reviewed a report from the student representative in the internal working group at the Faculty, and discussed how we think the work is going. Then, the board decided to extend the role of the external student reviewer, Rebecca Svensson, to also include reviewing the program in applied computational science, which has been added after she was elected to the position.

The next matter was a discussion about the union’s insurance and pension agreements. The vice president had written a report about the contents of these agreements, and the board discussed whether these agreements were in line with the union’s needs. It was concluded that some aspects should be looked into further to see if the agreements could be better adapted to our organisation.

After a break, the board discussed the proposed changes to the Faculty rules of procedure, that determine how the dean, pro dean and vice deans are elected every three years. The board discussed the pros and cons of the suggested changes, and concluded that the changes could mean a stronger student influence in the process if done right. This means that the union will take a positive stance towards these changes.

The final matter was an evaluation of the LUNA fair that was arranged in the past few weeks. The board thought that the concept was good, but also discussed how it could be improved for the future to get a better outreach.

As a miscellaneous matter, the lack of candidates to the full-time positions for next year was mentioned (please apply <3). The next board meeting will be held on the 11th of April at 17:15.