The board held its 18th meeting on the 25th of May. The board discussed the issue with student representation in the investigation to reorganize CEC, INES and the Geology Department. Then, the board discussed the membership fee to the union, and decided to suggest to the parliament to raise the fee to 75 kr per semester. The board also decided to approve of a presidium decision to purchase a storage solution for our patches.

After a break, the board discussed a first draft of a Directive for Utopia. The board gave some input to the working group, and the draft was sent to the parliament for further discussion. Another regulatory document up for discussion was the Policy for Economy and Agreements, where an update was suggested to adress long term financial sustainability. After some minor changes, the policy update was sent as a decision matter to RK.

Finally, the board reviewed and approved of all the documents for the upcoming RK meeting. The next board meeting will be held on the 10th of June.