Today, the board convened for its 20th and last board meeting of this operational year. During the meeting, the board approved upon the documents for parliament meeting 6, as well as upon vacation days for the full timers. The board did also decide to buy phones for the full timers, as well as a new camera for the union. Furthermore, the board discussed how to update the board member testament, and how to evaluate our year as the board.

Last but not least, the board decided to change LUNAs covid-19 restrictions. The new restrictions says that it is possible to host meetings and events, as long as they follow the restrictions put up by the government, the public health agency, the region of Scania and Lund university. Currently, this means that we can have smaller outdoor events, but that we can not host indoor events and meetings yet. However, the number of people allowed at both indoor and outdoor events will most likely increase the first of July, meaning that we hopefully can have physical meetings and events during the autumn.

The union office and couch rooms will stay closed over the summer, since Geocentrum II is still a locked building. If you want to get in contact with the presidium, or need to meet up with LUNA for some reason, please send an email to

The union board want to thank you all for this year! Hope you get a nice summer, and that we can meet each other again in the autumn!