We are sad to announce that we have to close the sign up for the introduction activities. The current regulations due to Covid-19 from both the government and the university makes it impossible for us to include all new science students in our activities. This is of course nothing that we would like to do, but we are not enough mentors to be able to divide all new students in small groups. We have also problems with finding enough locations were we can meet and keep distance at the same time. To make sure that the introduction activities are safe for everyone who attend them, we have therefore decided to close the sign up.

Even though you are not able to attend the introduction activities, you are always welcome to the union if you have any questions regarding you education, if you face any problems or if you just want a chat and a cup of coffee. You can reach us via email to luna@luna.lu.se or come by our office at Sölvegatan 12, the entrance towards Gerdahallen. You can also visit our Facebook page here. This is were we will post information about future happenings for science students.

All science students do also belong to a student council, which represent and organize events for students at the different educations. More information about them can be found at their Facebook pages and you can also reach them via email. If you want to get in contact in students at your own education, it is always good to turn to your student council. You find information about which student council you belong to bellow:

BUG – biologists and molecular biologists, email: bug-ordf@luna.lu.se, BUG Facebook

GLuFS – physicists, theorethical physicists, radiation physicits, astronomists, email: glufs-ordf@luna.lu.se, GLuFS Facebook

KERUB – Chemists and chemists/molecular biologists, email: kerub-ordf@luna.lu.se, KERUB Facebook

MUR – mathematicians, email: mur-ordf@luna.lu.se, MUR Facebook

MYS – environmental scientists, environmental and health protectionists, email: mys-ordf@luna.lu.se, MYS Facebook

SNG – physical geographers and geologists, email: sng-ordf@luna.lu.se, SNG Facebook