The Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) strives to create interfaces between science students and their future career. The committee arrange activities under ATLAS throughout the year to facilitate students’ relation with the labour market in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops and alumni gatherings.

The committee is led by the Head of Corporate Relations of the union and consists of seven (7) parliament elected members; Corporate Relations Coordinator, Event Coordinators, Marketing Coordinators, Sponsorship Coordinator and Internal Coordinator. The committee also consist of student council representatives.

The position as Head of Corporate Relations is currently held by Nora Häglund. Contact her at or 0720 – 24 48 71.

We are recruiting!

Corporate Relations Coordinator (1)

Event Coordinator (2)

Marketing Coordinator (2)

Sponsorship Coordinator (1)

Internal Coordinator (1)

Student Council Representatives (*)


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