The Election Results Are In!

After two long evenings, the election season for 2019 is over. The results can be found in the table below. Keep an eye out for a listing over vacancies if you are interested in applying to any of the positions that are not filled. During the upcoming weeks, the union’s instagram account will present brief interviews with some of the newly elected

The number of positions that were available is denoted as ‘ #Ordinary position , #Alternate position ‘. We have omitted those positions that had no one elected for brevity.

Union Central PositionsUnion CommitteesFaculty Student RepresentativesExternal Positions
Role Position Elected
Presidium 2,0 Elise Karlsson Faudot, Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt
Head of Corporate Relations 1,0 Justinas Smertinas
Union Board 5,0 Dana Lüdemann,Elin Sandvik, Hanna Sjö, Joel Berndtsson, Ronni Gurwicz
Nomination Committee Chairperson 1,0 Theodor Blom
Nomination Committee Member 5,0 Einar Elén, Jesper Nielsen, Sara Winterfeldt
Auditor 3,3 Cecilia Sköld, Niklas Sköld
Webmaster 1,0 Sebastian Pfaff
Quartermaster 1,0 Daniel Radivojevic
Ballmaster 2,0 Ida Lunga, Johan Edlund
  Role Positions Elected
Corporate Relations Committee (CRC)      
  Member 5,0 Theodor Blom
Education Committee (UU)      
  Chairperson 1,0 Elvira Källberg
Gender and Equality Committee(JoL)      
  Spokesperson 2,0 Einar Elén, Jenny Spiik
Health, Environment and Safety Committee (HMS)      
  Chairperson 1,0 Hanna Sjö
Information Committee (Info)      
  Chairperson 1,0 Kerstin Bergentz
  Member 5,0 Einar Elén, Love Olsson, Sam Taylor, Justinas Smertinas
Party Committee (6m)      
  Chairperson 1,0 Nathalie Friberg
  Member 6,0 Alexander Ekman, Ida Bronner Thelin
Sports Committee (Sport)      
  Chairperson 1,0 Hugo Bergman
  Member 7,0 August Nygren, Justinas Smertinas, Kerstin Bergentz, Kristoffer Norrman
Role Positions Name(s)
Faculty Board 2,0 Hanna Sjö, Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt
Faculty Education Board 3,3 Ordinary: Einar Elén, Elvira Källberg, Viktor H. Jonsson. Alternate: Hanna Sjö
Faculty Equal Opportunities Committee 1,1 Ordninary: Jenny Spiik. Alternate: Einar Elén
Faculty Local Safety Committee 1,1 Hanna Sjö
Faculty Career Council 1,0 Justinas Smertinas
Faculty Nominating Committee 1,0 Einar Eĺén
Faculty Academic Apointment Board 1,1 Ordinary: Ida Lunga. Alternate: Einar Elén
Faculty Readership Apointment Committee 1,1 Ordinary: Einar Elén
Faculty Scholarship Committee 1,0 Hanna Sjö
LINXS Board 1,0 Hanna Sjö
MAX Board 1,0 Johan Lundquist
  Role Positions Name(s)
Lund University Student Unions (LUS)      
  LUS Ting 1,1 Ordinary: Elise Karlsson Faudot. Alternate: Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt

Descriptions for all positions can be found on the Post Description page.

Nomination Texts

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