Welcome to the application page for positions within Lunds naturvetarkår (LUNA) for next year (2022/23). For this grand election, all positions (except for Mentor Committee) are up for election. All the available positions are available below and descriptions for all positions can be found on the Post Description page. You apply through the nomination form.

The Nominations are found below. You can counter candidate by emailing valb-ordf@luna.lu.se until the 11th of April! You can counter candidate to positions with and without nominations.

Confused about the application process? The handy flowchart on this page gives an outline for the entire process. If you have additional questions regarding the application process, you can ask the Nomination Committee Chairperson on valb-ordf@luna.lu.se.

Important Dates

Application Opens: March 14th
Application Closes: March 27th
Nominees Revealed: April 7th
Deadline Counter-candidatures: April 11th
Presidium Hearing: April 13th
Election Parliament Meeting: April 19th and April 20th

Available Positions

Below are all positions available for election. The number of positions is written “ordinary+alternate”. Nominees and counter candidates will be filled out on April 7th and April 11th respectively.

RolePositionsNomineesCounter Candidatures
Presidium2+0Gloria Kowal Johnson
Head of Corporate Relations1+0
Board5+0The Nomination Committee will not nominate board members this year due to vacancies in the committee and risk of bias Sofia Bjarheim, Vendela Gustafsson, Samuel Hjelm, Caisa Kjellström, Stina Magndal, Alva Tangfelt
Nomination Committee (Valb) Chairperson1+0The Nomination Committee does not nominate their own membersElvira Källberg
Nomination Committee (Valb) Member5+0 The Nomination Committee does not nominate their own members
Auditor3+3Ida LungaEinar Elén
Education Committee (UU) Chairperson1+0Margot Knapen
Gender and Equality Committee (JoL) Spokesperson2+0
Health, Environment and Safety Committee (HMS) Chairperson1+0
Information Committee (Info) Chairperson1+0
Party Committee (6m) Chairperson1+0Federica Calafiore
Sports Committee (Sports) Chairperson1+0David Linfeldt
Environmental Committee Chairperson 1+0Jaques Atkinson
Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) Member7+0Love Olsson
Information Committee (Info) Member5+0
Party Committee (6m) Member6+0Benjamin van DijkTom Brilioth, Samuel Hjelm, Stina Magndal, Love Olsson
Sports Committee (Sport) Member5+0Saleh Moradi
Environmental Committee Member 4+0Sofia BjarheimLouise Berild
Faculty Board2+0Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander
Faculty Education Board3+3Elvira Källberg, Tom Brilioth, Margot Knapen + Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander
Faculty Library Board1+0
Faculty Nominating Committee1+0
Faculty Academic Appointments Board1+1
Faculty Readership Appointments Board1+0
LINXS Board1+0
Academic Society (AF) Parliament1+1
Academic Society (AF) Scholarship Board1+1
LUS Ting1+1
LUS Elective Ting2+2
LUS Nomination Committee1+0
Backend Administrator1+0
Archive Administrator1+0
Internal Network Administrator1+0
Active Member Registry Administrator 1+0


Nomination texts

Counter Candidatures