This post has been updated continuously between April 18th and 20th.

Elected April 18th

President (1+0) Caspar Håkansson

Vice president (1+0) Theodor Blom

Head of Corporate Relations (1+0) Peter Bijnens

Board members (5+0) Owen Liu, Rebecca Forsberg, Isa Bengzon, Hanna Thosteman, and Vassily Kornienko

Education Committee (UU) chairperson (1+0) one (1) vacancy

Environment, Health and Safety Committee (HMS) chairperson moreover Chief Safety Officer (HSSO) (1+0) Leo Östman

Gender and Equality Committee (JoL) spokespersons (2+0) Einar Elén, one (1) vacancy

Information Committee chairperson (1+0) Ida Lunga

Mentor Committee (FU) chairperson (1+0) Hanna Thosteman

Party Committee chairperson (1+0) Daniel Radivojevic

Sports Committee chairperson (1+0) Elin Backström

Elected April 20th

Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) members (3+0) Freja Grönborg, Eric Moberg, and one (1) vacancy

Information Committee members (2+0) Elvira Källberg, John Wimarsson

Mentor Committee (FU) members (8+0) Eric Andersson, Anna Lindau, Timothy Williams, Lina Warntoft, David Andersson, and Elvira Källberg

Party Committee members (6+0) Guðborg Nanna Sigurðardóttir, Rebecca Lütz, Amanda Ledell, and three (3) vacancies

Sports Committee members (5+0) Mattis Holma, and four (4) vacancies

Inspector (1+0) Per-Olof Zetterberg

Webmaster (1+0) Sebastian Pfaff

Quartermaster (1+0) Johan Edlund

Ballmaster (2+0) two (2) vacancies

Auditors (3+3) Cecilia Sköld, Niklas Sköld, and four (4) vacancies

Nomination Committee chairperson (1+0)  Johan Edlund

Nomination Committee (4+0) Guðborg Nanna Sigurðardóttir, Ante Forsgren, and two (2) vacancies


Elected April 20th

LUS Ting (1+1) Caspar Håkansson, Theodor Blom

LUS Elective Ting (2+2) four (4) vacancies

LUS Nomination Committee (1+0) one (1) vacancy

Academic Society Parliament (1+1) two (2) vacancies

Academic Society Scholarship Board (1+1) two (2) vacancies 

Faculty Board (2+0) Ida Lunga, Caspar Håkansson

Teacher Suggestion Committee (1+1) Julia Weber (ordinary), Ida Lunga (alternate)

Education Board (7+0) Ida Lunga, Lisa Rämisch, Karl Wendt-Höjer, Hans Schiemann, Theodor Blom, and two (2) vacancies

Board of Equality and Equal Treatment (2+2) Einar Elén, three (3) vacancies

Lectureship Board (1+0) one (1) vacancy

Library Board (1+0) one (1) vacancy

Scholarship Committee (1+0) will be announced

Career Council (1+0) will be announced

Faculty Nomination Committee (1+0) will be announced