Friday at the office

The top of the Astronomy tower shines in the autumn sun, a lovely Friday that bodes well for the upcoming weekend. At the base of the tower lies what one might call the heart of the natural science studies in Lund; the Science Student Union, LUNA. Well, that and the actual Faculty of Science.

To the left of the entrance, facing out towards Sölvegatan the union office is located. When entering the room seems a bit deserted, now that the office hours have past, but just an hour ago the room was filled with laughter. Students filled the room and sofas, discussing upcoming adventures, contemplating their studies, and simply enjoying the chance for some company.

In the back corner, behind his desk, we find the union vice president, Theo. The soft clicking from a computer keyboard gives away that work is being done. What are you up to? “Working a bit on the webpage. My Friday entertainment.”, he answers.


We pour up some coffee and gaze out over the room. The sun shines through the curtain and showcases the usual mess. Cozy.

Now the coffee is all finished and the sun is surprisingly still shining. The fiery autumn leaves move in the proper Scanian (sv. skånska) wind. Time to head out again.

LUNA will be back on Monday, as always.