The Mentor Committee (MC) or Fadderutskottet (FU) is in essence a Party-, Sports-, and Mentor Committee merged into one. We organize and execute the so-called Novisch Period to welcome new students to the Faculty of Science and LUNA!

We are a group of hard working, full time students that meet all year round to ensure all new students get a great start to their years in Lund. Most of the year we work close, just the nine of us, but if it weren’t for the dedicated mentors we wouldn’t be able to execute the Novisch Periods! The mentors are students, just like us, who want to make sure you have loads of fun when arriving in Lund, as well as manage your first weeks here and all that comes with it.

The Mentor Committee interviews every single mentor applicant personally, we have special mentor educations and make sure everyone feels a part of the planning. Anyone can become a mentor!

We consist of a chairperson, two mentor generals (senior and junior), and 6 committee members all elected by parliament. We are most easily recognized by our foul smelling, black tailcoats with a big, white FU printed on the back. Not only are we stunning, we’re very, very cool with all kinds of weird questions regarding the student life in Lund. Harder to recognize us in civilian outfits, though…

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The chairperson for the mentor committee 2022/23 is Marwan Mohamed.


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