On the 3rd of October 2016 the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Committee (JoL) will host a theme day together with Medicinska Föreningen and Teknologkåren. The main act in the late afternoon (currently being planned) will be avaliable for the three unions’ members, but in the committee we want to plan a special day for LUNA members exclusively. The theme is anything related to gender equality and equal treatment, and it will be a day of activities directed towards students.
The committee is now looking for students who want to be a part of the planning and execution of this day, a day that will be completely awesome if you choose to participate! It will require some extra work approximately 4-5 meetings this spring and a little more intense September, and additional research outside of the meeting. We strongly believe this will be the coolest and most inspiring thing this year that JoL will arrange, and it would be fantastic if you would join us!
To join – and for more information – contact the Union JoL Chairpersons Hanna Thosteman or Johan K. Jensen to be added into the Facebook group (jol@luna.lu.se).