Information from the Head of the Department of Physics:

”To all students at Fysicum!

Today we had an explosion at the Division of Combustion Physics. The current best understanding is that an air compressor on the so-called “rig” failed, which led to an explosion. The explosion was directed towards the outer wall of the lab, which was blown outward. No one was physically hurt. However, a person walking outside was thrown to the ground. This person has been taken care of by the occupational health service.

During the rescue operation the entire Fysicum complex was evacuated as a safety measure of the fire brigade.

The lab has been examined by the emergency services, who conclude that there is no further immediate danger. Staff from Combustion Physics are double-checking this now.

The Enoch Thulin lab, i.e., the department of combustion physics, will remain closed until both the police investigation and static investigation are done.

Should you feel any symptoms or anxiety after this event, please contact Studenthälsan (the occupational health service för students,, 046-2224377).

All teaching at Fysicum will take place as planned from tomorrow on, with the exception of the limited number of lab experiments that normally take place at Combustion Physics.

Joachim Schnadt

Head, Department of Physics”