LUNA Halloween – A Unique Sitting

Lophtet is filled with people. They are everywhere, even though they do not look exactly like people. Among other things there are angels, pumpkins, a piece of sushi and a lot of vampires. The reason to why people in this quite odd mixture of costumes have gathered is that LUNA’s party committee is hosting a Halloween sitting. And they do not just host it, they do it in a really good way.

You cannot imagine that it is the first sitting they host. Food is served quite fast, they keep track of everything and they have hired a wonderful photographer and two fantastic toastmasters, who manage to keep the hype up with songs and laughter. Because meanwhile everyone sing well-known songs with high voices, songbooks are passed around to get new notes and people are cheering. You cannot see anyone feeling bored, not even when you pass the whole room and press yourself against the wall to reach the toilet. It is necessary since the hall is filled to its maximum.

The LUNA members where as hyped to get their tickets as they are during the sitting. Everyone want to join, and the hype reaches its peak when the sitting is over and LUNAs own band Fission Ships enter the stage. They make the whole bunch of people dance together until they cannot think of anything other than the dance. Apart from that, the band really makes the sitting to something other than a usual sitting at a nation.

This is LUNA, and this is how fantastic we can organise things if we try our best. Because even though the vegetarian food is way too spicy to eat, the night is marvellous. There are people laughing everywhere you turn and the night does not end until the party master tells everyone to leave at 02.20. That fact alone is a good grade for an awesome night!

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