It is time to nominate to the pedagogical and honorary prize!

The pedagogical prize is given to an outstanding lecturer. The lecturer should understand that different students learn differently, be there for their students, make the students enthusiastic to the subject and take into account the students opinions about the course. The LUNA Pedagogical Prize is one of many ways to respect the pedagogical power, and it is now time to nominate teachers to the award of 2016. A teacher can only win the prize once, see the previous winners here:

The honorary prize is awarded to an employee or a group of employees at the Faculty of Science that has made the studies easier for students or works to strengthen the student voice.

The nominations will be decided upon by the union board, and your nomination is important! Read more and nominate through this link: The last day to nominate is May 6th! Your nomination can be either in English or Swedish!

If you have any questions please send them to

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The union presidium