~ Interviews with students of LUNA ~

Hello! It is the Information Committee here again, this time with a fresh interview with Miljövetarnas Ypperliga Studieråd (MYS), the student council for environmental scientists. They had two members interview two other members of MYS in a cheerful fashion. Let’s see what they had to say!

Why should everyone join MYS?

Maria “It’s great to get to affect your education and student life. We had very motivating mentors during our novisch period, who inspired us to join, and so should you!”

Elin “We have a positive spirit in our student council, which makes working for the best university time possible, a very fun thing.”

What amazing things are you up to?

Maria “In the ANLU committee, we try to create a bridge between students and their future career alternatives, both education and work related. We recently arranged a Linkedin workshop and are now planning an inspirational evening, where former students come and talk about their careers.”

Elin “The Party Masters plan funny things that happen after school. During the autumn, the committee has arranged a kid’s party themed sittning, a pub crawl and a christmas baking evening. Sort of everything is possible to do, you just need the ideas!”

“If you think MYS sounds as cosy as we do, why not join us? Just come to the weekly Wednesday fika where delicious cakes are served, or show up at one of our meetings!”

Interview carried by Julia Johansson and Elvira Källberg

You can contact the Information Committee at info@luna.lu.se and the MYS chairperson and vice chairperson at mys-ordf@luna.lu.se. If you want to find out more about life as an active member of the union, you are always welcome to stop by the union office or simply browse our webpage. You can contact the union via this form (you can be anonymous) or by e-mail at luna@luna.lu.se.

~ Interview brought to you by the Information Committee ~