JoL-Afton – What can we do?

What LUNA can learn from others – an interesting discussion night. It is December the 6th and the Gender and Equality committee hosts a JoL-afton in Lundmarkssalen. It does not, if you might think so, have anything with christmas to do. Instead, it is a discussion night open for everyone, were values within the union are discussed.

To get the discussion started, the committee has invited the head of the gender and equality committee at the F-section at TLTH, Robin Berneståhle. He introduces the attendees to a project that was done at the F-section during the spring, through which values at the section were charted. The tools used to do that were discussions with lots of members of the F-section, both active and non active ones, as well as collecting written thoughts from members. Since it was possible to be anonymous when giving information to the project, lots of information was collected. Robin shows a huge bundle of papers to the attendees of the evening and it is easy to understand the wide range of the project, which has made the section better on criticizing itself and being able to see how more people can be included.

After the presentation, which is nicely performed, especially through showing papers which have been part of the investigation, the attendees of the night are split into three different groups and interesting discussions appears. The questions brought up were among other values within LUNA, what we can learn from the investigation on the F-section and were you can turn if  you of some reason not feel mentally well. It is really important that these things are discussed and that the union is aware of which values people see in their work. The discussions during the evening and Robins presentation were therefore a great start at a discussion that should be incorporated in all union work!

Banner for the event

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