Finally it was time, time to enter AF-borgen for a glorious ball. The hype before was real; the tickets sold  out in just a few minutes and the ball committee kept up their admirable work for months to prepare everything. And suddenly, the big day had come, the day at UTOPIA.

Snow fell from the sky when the attendees entered the building, and there were no sight of a scanish spring. However, the welcoming atmosphere inside AF-borgen kept all thoughts about the cold weather away and replaced them with joy and laughter. Well dressed people in tailcoats and wonderful gowns talked to each other and took photos in different constellations in front of a glittery photo wall, before it was time to get seated.

Inside the dining hall, five tables were beautiful decorated with flowers and candles. The attendees were soon seated and the dinner started of with a piece of pie for starter, accompanied with some sort of table gift for most guest. That means a little present you give to the person sitting next to you, so there is something to play with if the dinner gets boring. So meanwhile the hunger grew when waiting for the main course, people where playing games, painted portraits of each other with colourful pens in songbooks, and ate the delicious chocolate that were found inside their presents. And of course, they were singing songs. Because, even though it is not allowed to burst out in spontaneous singing during a ball, you are more than welcome to sing along when the ballmasters says it is time to do so.

When the dinner was finished, after delicious food and lovely speeches, it was time again. Time for the traditional walz to live music. Time to dance all night long to the tunes of fission ships. Time to have a wonderful evening together with fantastic LUNA friends at UTOPIA.