A sporty Skvalborg celebration!

It is Skvalborg 2018, the sun is shining and Borgarparken is filled with LUNA members. They sit down together, they talk to each other and they enjoy the beautiful weather. But even though there is a nice, friendly atmosphere, it is possible to feel the upcoming competition.  It is time for the annual Absurd Student council Olympics, ASO, and this year have the Sports Committee and the Party Committee together planned three events for the teams to compete in; soap games, volleyball and reduction ball.

The teams for the day are the same as during the Novisch Period. LEMUR, SNYS, GLuFS and BÖÖL competes against each other, and even though the size of the teams differ, the hype is real in all of them. Some of the teams have even brought mascots for this special events. But the day is more than just a competition. Between the events  are there time for barbeque, ice cream eating and lots of laughs with good friends. So when the sun suddenly disappears and LEMUR has won the grand prize, the Champinjon, for the second year in a row, everyone can leave the park in a good mood and feel prepared for a wonderful weekend filled with Valborg celebrations.

The Information Committee hopes that you all have had a nice Valborg and are ready for the last month of school before the summer!

You can contact the Information Committee at info@luna.lu.se. If you want to find out more about the union, you are always welcome to stop by the union office or simply browse our webpage. You can contact the union via this form (you can be anonymous) or by e-mail at luna@luna.lu.se.