Once a year, the Science Student Union hands out two prizes to thank some of those who in different ways, are an important part of the students’ education. The process revolving these prizes are regulated through the Policy of Honorary and Pedagogical Prize.

The union board is responsible for selecting a recipient in accordance with the policy. In the selection, the board will take the criteria for the prizes below into account. An even distribution between departments should be considered both between the two prizes (Pedagogical and Honorary) the same year and the previous years. A short motivation text might limit the possibilities for the nominee to receive the award, as it might make it more difficult to compare it to other more lengthy texts.

The nomination period closes on April 10th. Who’s been awarded the prize will first be publicly announced at the Graduation Ceremonies and then be posted at lundsnaturvetarkar.se.

Pedagogical Prize

The pedagogical prize can be awarded to any teacher that teaches courses at the faculty of science or courses within a program at the faculty. A teacher can only be awarded the pedagogical prize once.

The description of the prize is:
” The pedagogical prize is awarded to an outstanding teacher. Such a teacher should understand the individuality of different students, be an asset and resource for support, create enthusiasm for the subject being taught, and take into account the student opinions.”

Honorary Prize

The honorary prize can be awarded to any employee or a group of employees at the university. An employee can only get the prize once individually but several times as a member of a group.

The description of the prize is:
” The honorary prize is awarded to an employee or a group of employees that has eased the studies for students or has worked on strengthening the student voice.”