You may now nominate for the pedagogical or honorary prize of LUNA. Nominate via this form. The prizes are annually awarded an employee of the Faculty of Science who has put extraordinary effort into making the university a better place for its students.

The pedagogical prize

The pedagogical prize is awarded an outstanding teacher. Such a teacher should understand individuality of different students, be an asset and resource for support, create enthusiasm for the subject being taught and take into account the student opinions. One can only be awarded the pedagogical prize once, see a full list of previous winners here.

The honorary prize

The honorary prize is awarded an employee or a group of employees that has eased the studies for students or has worked on strengthening the student voice.

The final decision on the two to receive each respective prize will be made by the board May 16th. You can nominate up until May 15th. The awards will be handed to the recipients on the graduation ceremony June 4th.