The nomination committee hereby announces their nominations for parliament meeting 7. Please note that all nominees are listed in alphabetical order. In the end of the list, you find recieved counter candidatures, as well as a list with positions which the nomination committee suggests to leave vacant.

It is possible to counter candidate for a position by emailing In the counter candidature you present yourself and motivates why you want a position. It is possible to counter candidate for all positions, not only those that are suggested to be vacant.

The elections take place the 16th of October!

List of nominations:

Mentor Committee member (9+0) – Alma Ragnarsson, Amanda Vikström, Andreas Pettersson, Ellen Sahlberg, Hampus Dahlström, Klaudia Jaworska, Samuel Anand, Verena Hehl, Viktoria Askelin

SFS-FUM representatives (3+0) – Anton Andersson-Strand, Gloria Kowal Johnson, Honia Rasul

List of counter candidatures:

Nomination committee member (1+0) (by-election)- Vanshika Anand

Mentor Committee member (9+0) – Stefan Cretu

Mentor Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Samuel Anand

List of positions suggested to be left vacant:

Mentor committee chairperson (1+0)