The nomination committee hereby announces their nominations for parliament meeting 4a & 4b. Please note that all nominees are listed in alphabetical order. In the end of the list, you find recieved counter candidatures, as well as a list with all positions which the nomination committee suggests to leave vacant.

It is possible to counter candidate for a position until the 10th of April through emailing In the counter candidature you present yourself and motivates why you want a position. It is possible to counter candidate for all positions, not only those that are suggested to be vacant.

The union elections take place the 13th and 20th of April and there will be a hearing of the presidium candidates on the 11th of April. The nomination committee is loking forward to meet you all there!

List of nominations:

Union presidium (2+0) – Lina Åkesson & Samuel Hjelm

Lina Åkesson and Samuel Hjelm have withdrawn their candidatures for the union presidium.

Head of Corporate Relations (1+0) – Nora Häglund

Union board (5+0) – Emilia Hult, Enver Lee, Marwan Mohamed, Minoo Gandomi & Tyr Häggström

Inspector (1+0) – Sophie Manner

Operational auditor (2+2) – Einar Elén & Ida Lunga (ordinary), Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt & Jesper Nielsen (alternate)

Financial auditor (1+1) – Viktor Hrannar Jónsson (ordinary) & Rasmus Solem (alternate)

Webmaster (1+0) – Mhd Mahmoud Yheya

Ballmaster (2+0) – Benjamin van Dijk & Federica Calafiore

Education Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Emma Sofia Briggs

Corporate Relations Committee Member (7+0) – Ara Fadhel, Edvin Åhman, Linus Bergström & Urszula Barbara

Gender & Equality Committee Spokesperson (2+0) – Roland Vladeanu & Tyra Behre

Information Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Nils Björkbäck

Information Committee Member (5+0) – Anabal Dahlbom, Ellen Healy & Klara Thuresson

Health, Environment and Safety Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Olga Brotzén

Party Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Malva Landin

Party Committee Member (6+0) – Adrienne Möllersten, Gustav Dahlgren, Haroon Rifat, Ioannis Kontoudios, Jacob von Strokirch & Zofia Schoenett

Sports Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Noah Karlsson

Sports Committee Member (5+0) – Hanna Zakrisson, Ioannis Kontoudios, Johannes Corshammar, Klara Thuresson & Nora Toft

Environmental Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Amanda Johansson

Environmental Committee Member (4+0) – Benjamin Sudrie, Laura Löbl, My Nilsson & Vera Jonsson

Faculty Board Representative (2+2) – Gloria Kowal Johnson

Faculty Education Board Representative (3+3) – Amanda Johansson, Emma Ydreborg & Gloria Kowal Johnson

Faculty Academic Appointments Board Representative (1+1) – Tom Brilioth

List of counter candidatures

Union Presidium (2+0) – Anton Andersson-Strand & Pontus Rabe

Union Board (5+0) – Lina Åkesson

Nomination Committee Chairperson (1+0) – Alva Tangfelt & Alyson Bredberg

Nomination Committee Member (5+0) – Alyson Bredberg, Ebba Jönsson, Felix Mortensen & Honia Rasul

List of positions suggested to be left vacant

Quartermaster (1+0)

Corporate Relations Committee Member (3+0)

Information Committee Member (2+0)

Faculty Board Representative (1+2)

Faculty Education Board Representative (0+3)

Faculty Nominating Committee Representative (1+0)

Faculty Academic Appointments Board Representative (0+1)

Faculty Readership Appintments Committee Representative (1+1)

LINXS Board Representative (1+0)

LUS Ting Representative (1+1)

LUS Elective Ting Representative (2+2)

LUS Nomination Committee Representative (1+1)

Academic Society (AF) Parliament (1+1)

Academic Society (AF) Scholarship Board (1+0)