The nomination committee hereby announces their nominations for parliament meeting 8. In the end of the list, you find received counter candidatures, as well as a list of positions that the nomination committee suggests to leave vacant.

It is possible to counter candidate for a position by emailing In the counter candidature you present yourself and motivate why you want a position. It is possible to counter candidate for all positions, not only those that are suggested to be vacant.

The elections take place the 20th of November!

List of nominations:

Parliament Chairperson (1+1) – Sanela Lulic

By-election: Mentor Committee member (2+0) – Issa Sarah

Issa Sarah has withdrawn the candidature for the Mentor Committee member

By-election: Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) member (3+0) – Hadiqa Inam

List of counter candidatures:

List of positions suggested to be left vacant:

Parliament Secretary (1+1)