The Nomination Committee hereby announce the nominations for Parliament #7.
We are happy to announce the nominations for positions within Lunds naturvetarkår to be elected on the seventh parliament meeting on the 22nd of October.

Ordinary Elections:

  • Mentor Committee (FU) Chairperson (1,0)
    • The position of Mentor Committee (FU) Chairperson is recommended to be vacant and opened for a new announcement
  • Mentor committee (FU) Member (8,0)
    • Caisa Kjellström
    • Elvira Källberg
    • Hanna Sjö
    • Ida Bronner Thelin
    • Jesper Nielsen
    • Joel Berndtsson
    • Samuel Hjelm
    • Vendela Gustafsson


  • Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) Member (4,0)
    • Kendall Hartman
    • Shqipdona Ajazaj
    • Peter Bijnens
  • Faculty Education Board (N!UN) (0,2)
    • Kerstin Bergentz
    • Rebecca Lütz

If you wish to counter candidate for these positions or any other vacant position you can do so by sending a statement that you wish to counter candidate together with a motivation letter to before Sunday, October 20th at 23.59.

The Nomination Committee of Lunds naturvetarkår 2019/20

Written by Nomination Committee