The last union Parliament of 2019 was held on December 9th. Parliament elected a new Parliament chairperson and alternate chairperson, as well as a party committee member.

Parliament decided to approve of an updated version of the union policy for alcohol and drugs.
There were also discussions about closed-door meetings. At the next Parliament, a potential clarification in the regulations about what applies when it comes to closed-door meetings will be brought up.
There was discussion on how we can ensure that the new active union members can feel supported by the older members, while still feeling free to explore their positions on their own. This discussion will continue on in the future.
Parliament also continued the discussion on long-term goals and were given a presentation from the HMS chairperson of the results from the “Are You Okay?” survey.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Parliament representatives of 2019 for their great work this year!