Yesterday on the 25th of November, the Parliament (RK) convened for its tenth meeting of the year. For the first time in a long while, the meeting was held in the conference room “Universum” at the Astronomy building. After a lot of reports and notifications, the first matter was by-elections, prepared by the once again existing Nomination Committee. RK decided to elect the nominees Gloria Kowal Johnson and Marwan Mohamed to the Mentor Committee (FU). Love Olsson candidated to FU at the meeting and was also elected. Robin Åström was elected to the Nomination Committee after candidating at the meeting.

The next matter was an ordinary election of a representative in the University Electoral College (Universitetskollegiet) that, irregularily, will have some meetings soon. Tom Brilioth candidated and was elected to this position. RK also approved of a presidium decision, previously approved by the board, to elect Tom Brilioth as a student representative/observer in the external review group of the new 1-year master program in environmental health and protection.

After this, the board working group for regulatory documents presented a first draft of the new Policy for Work Environment. The working group answered questions and RK discussed the draft, giving feedback to the working group. Then, RK decided to approve of the boards suggestion to replenish the LUNA funds, the Special Initiative Fund and the Office Inventory Fund. The decision was to replenish the funds in full, meaning to the ambition level set by RK in the Policy for Economy and Agreements.

Finally, as a miscellaneous matter a representative from SNG brought up the student council’s work with creating a Canvas page to communicate to their members. RK asked some questions and was positive to the idea, which will be brought up again.

The next and final meeting of the current parliament will be held on the 16th of December.